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How to choose necklace length

Choosing necklace length

Pearl Collar: 12" - 13",  usually made by multi-strands and worn high on the neck, ideal to boat neck, V-neck, or off-the-shoulder fashions. Very popular during the Victorian era, making a comeback now.

Pearl Choker: 14" - 16",  worn lower on the neck, appropriate from casual to formal eveningwear, classic and versatile length.

Princess Necklace: 17"-19", the most common length of pearl necklace, lying slightly below the neck, a versatile style, well suited for both high and low necklines.

Matinee Necklace: 20"-24", works well with suits and dresses., looks best with high necklines and adds sophistication to a professional look.

Opera Necklace: 26"-36", traditionally worn with eveningwear, can be worn as a single strand or double strand, can also be knotted to create a stylish look.

Pearl Rope: over 37", can be worn as single, double or triple strand, can also be knotted for a fashionable look, very popular trend today.


Choosing pearl size

Traditionally, certain pearl sizes are considered appropriate for women of various ages.  The size of the pearls is also considered an indicator of wealth and social status. But the versatility of a pearl strand should not be limited by such rules, and should be a matter of personal taste.

Smaller pearls (less than 6 mm) are generally considered to be appropriate for teenage girls or younger women. This pearl size is often given as a sweet sixteen or high school graduation gift.

Pearls with size of 6 mm - 8 mm are traditionally worn by women in their 20s or 30s. A necklace of these pearls makes a perfect gift for a birthday, college graduation gift, or a bride on her wedding day.

Pearls with size of 9 mm - 10 mm are traditionally worn by women in their 40s. These pearls tend to be more expensive and associated with financial success. Ideal for sophisticated ladies with refined and elegant taste.

Pearls with size of larger than 11 mm are generally worn by wealthy women of more mature years because they are rare and more expensive. Perfect as a special anniversary gift.