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Pearl caring

Caring for Your Pearls

Pearls are a delicate organic gemstone which can be easily scratched, cracked, and damaged. In addition, some personal care products such as perfume and hair spray can reduce pearl's luster. Therefore, pearl jewelry needs a special care. This will help to protect the luster and beauty of your pearls.

The following are the tips to protect your pearls:

Store pearls separately from other jewelry to void scratched or damaged. Store them  in soft cloth pouch, or in a soft-lined jewelry box in stead. Do not store pearls in a sealed plastic bag which may reduce luster of pearls or excessively dry place which may cause pearls to become brittle.

Minimize contact with personal care products. Cosmetics should be applied before the pearl jewelry is put on.  Take your pearl jewelry off when they might contact any possible damaging substances such as chlorine in swim pool, soap, etc.

Minimize contact with perspiration which can dull the pearl's luster. Remove your pearl jewelry before exercising or carrying heavy work.

Clean your pearls after wearing with a soft damp cloth and wash your pearls periodically with a mild soapy water (not a detergent) to remove build-ups. Do not hang pearls to dry as this may stretch the silk thread, place on soft towel or cloth to dry instead. Never use toothbrushes, scouring pads or abrasive materials to clean pearls.

Do not expose your pearl jewelry to strong light for an extended period of time which may cause pearl's color faded.

 Restring your pearls periodically to prevent breakage.