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freshwater pearls

Freshwater pearls are the pearls created from freshwater mussels or mollusk. They were historically produced in Japan, but are now exclusive to China.

Cultured freshwater pearls are created by manually implanting a tiny piece of mantle tissue inside the mollusk. The mantle tissue becomes the nucleus around which the mollusk secretes layers of nacre (the substance that forms the pearl). The freshwater mussels can be implanted as many as 24 to 36 mantle tissues to form potential 24 to 36 pearls. Freshwater pearl can be cultured in lakes, ponds or rivers. The size of freshwater pearls can range from 4mm to 14mm. Their shapes are rarely perfectly round and less lustrous comparing same quality akoya pearls. But they have very thick nacre (almost 100% nacre) are much more durable.  Freshwater pearls are the most common pearl jewelry because of large supply, attractive price and variety of shapes and colors. Natural color of freshwater pearl comes white, cream, pink and lavender. Shapes can be baroque, potato, rice, half round, button  and round.