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pearl grading

Unlike diamond that has universal standard quality grading system, there is no industrial standard quality grading system for pearls. Win Pearl adopted A- to AAA+ quality grading system with AAA+ the highest quality and A- the lowest quality. We try to describe our product as accurately as possible. In addition to the quality grade of each product, we have more detailed product description to help our customer make purchasing decision.


Overall grade Luster Nacre Blemish Shape Matching
AAA+ excellent excellent Unblemished perfect round excellent
AAA very good - excellent very thick - excellent very slightly blemished - unblemished vey round very good - excellent
AAA- very good very thick very slightly blemished very round very good
AA+ good - very good thick - very thick slightly blemished - very slightly blemished very round good - very good
AA good thick slightly blemished round good
AA- medium - good medium - thick lightly blemished - slightly blemished round medium - good
A+ medium medium lightly blemished slightly off round medium
A fair - medium fair - medium easily visible - lightly blemished lightly off round fair - medium
A- fair fair easily visible drop/pear shape fair